A day, a week, a year...!

Of course you changed. You grew up while you were away. You learnt to think for yourself, make decisions, be responsible for your choices and accountable for the outcomes. It is called experience. While you were away, you also began to forge a path towards your dreams, discover your strengths, your true-life purpose... not the path others wanted you to take.

If you were similar to me, when I returned to my “teen-years” town, I did not fit into the life I had once known..

Friends had made new friends, got married, had children, found new careers, moved house and neighborhood, built different paths into social, cultural, community or business circles and that part of their life had taken on a life of its own ... and I could not be fully included in that part of their lives anyway ... as I did...you feel slightly excluded.

Most people in their lifetime have ‘an awakening’.

Imagine the butterfly that leaves the cocoon community as a caterpillar and one day flies in and says, ‘hello, I’m the one you called caterpillar! Bewilderment would set in as there is no resemblance to its old self ... caterpillar developed.

It’s not possible for things to be like it was. In reality, it’s not possible to turn back time! Once caterpillar transformed, dried its wings and revealed its true self, not a hint of the former self was evident.

The hidden DNA colors unfolded, it has a new life now.

As time moves forward we cannot be held captive to our past or like an undeveloped caterpillar we emotionally shrivel and die.

By nature’s design we grow to evolve.

A butterfly does not see all of its own colors, but we the observer who admire its entirety as it silently enters and leaves our field of vision, we often wish it would stay a little longer. The butterfly leaves our physical space – it’s influence remains with us – we remember its “presence”.

Our lives walk simultaneously across the landscape of time, learning changing, trusting and growing, together.

It has been my privilege to experience your aura this year – either through our newsletter, social media or to physically be in presence together.

Wishing you wellness, happiness and the experience of absolute joy.

As you breathe another breath remember, my love is with you.

Forever, Sylvia Marina