Sylvia Positively Changes Lives through
Spirituality, Love and Wisdom

She says: “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”

Are you ready to reconnect in your life to your wisdom and values?
To be inspired to create change and discover your true empowerment?
Then this is just the place for you.



Discover the magic of working with Sylvia, her skills and deep love of exploring the potential of each and every person she touches. Sylvia’s life has been formed by profound experience and through this her compassion has become a powerful tool for transformation.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can book a consultation with Sylvia, join a seminar, participate in an online course, or even become a qualified facilitator in the Heart Leaders Academy Training.
Individual mentoring with Sylvia is
highly sought after.


Events Speaker, Personal Development Facilitator, Human Initiative Life Change Mentor, Designer and Presenter of Self Growth programs, Principle of Heart Leaders Academy and Author of 6 books, Sylvia is also the creator of  several relaxation and meditation  CD's and audio training programs.                 

She inspires change through educating people to be self responsible and empowered.

Acknowledged by her peers as a Heart-Leader, Sylvia creates a framework that radically shifts people to see a future, build confidence, better their relationships, business and career performance, awakening their artistic abilities and enlivening their entrepreneurial spirit – thereby enabling their full potential to become all they are destined to be.