Sylvia says:

The intelligences and attitudes of our ancestors are carried in our DNA.

My work changes life patterns relating to past trauma, resolving genetically inherited and childhood trauma and shines a light of understanding to a better, brilliant, vibrant future.

I love working with people who are drawn to a deeper level of self-inquiry and self-honesty in the search for what truly matters.


Sylvia Marina, is an educator, author, personal empowerment professional, inspirer, and generous sharer of wisdom. She has dared to take her own leaps, working with the energies of the masters and elders, and since childhood, has experienced a constant connection with the Grandmother wisdom on the ‘other side’. Her story is one of transformation and bouncing back from a myriad of life challenges. She simply refused to allow the devastating loss of her birth family and her own heritage at an early age to dominate her life. Personal health issues followed her path. However these experiences combined with the re-discovery of her heritage have brought deep insights and compassion into the many dimensions of her work.

Sylvia and her work helped me find my way out of darkness & daily existing, back to a space of feeling safe to actually be happy. Amazing programs run by an amazing, kind & compassionate lady. I am eternally grateful for the circumstances that lead me to you.
Fran Maunton - Feng Shui Fortune.