You can meet Sylvia in person or on line:

An individual consultation with Sylvia will shift old ingrained patterns of behaviour and negative emotional contructs to allow you to move into your greater potential and find more love, fulfillment and grace in your life. As one consult can make a difference - consider working with Sylvia over several weeks to give yourself the gift of real lasting change and a shift in your life to a higher level of Being. Mentoring programs are in high demand and are available only on application.


Sylvia says: “It is my passion to see individuals experience noticeable behavioural change that allows them to maximise their potential and effectiveness.”

I will guide, support and challenge you with unique facilitation techniques and a wide range of experiential learning approaches to embed learning that produces a corresponding shift in beliefs and behaviours.”

Working with Sylvia will enable you to live a life free of emotional pain and trauma and assist you to:

  • resolve past issues

  • discover your true purpose

  • connect and awaken your intelligence

  • build better relationships

  • reconnect to what you really want in life

  • become a leader

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