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Online mentoring with Sylvia - an invaluable experience.

The environment in which we live can restrict our personal growth to the point we think we know-it-all, because that’s the size of our environment, when actually we have not expanded beyond our self-ideas and beliefs, family and social limitations.

Life is a mind-expanding adventure, when you allow!

When you feel the need to expand your environment, keep focus and grow into the person you have the capacity to be, then no matter where in the world you reside, all you need to work with Sylvia is a computer or device that can connect to the internet.

Sylvia’s work is profound. Passionate about supporting and challenging people both personally and intellectually, she uses unique facilitation techniques and a wide range of experiential learning approaches to embed learning that produces a shift in beliefs and gently creates new behavior and focus. 

What happens in a mentor session

During the initial consultation you and Sylvia will get to know each other and you will begin to understand the true value
 of working with her. She will ask carefully designed questions to delve into your deepest desires in order to create a focus for your sessions, and to create strategies to take you forward. The work together will identify and dissolve the ancient generations of trauma, secrets and misunderstanding, to connect more fully with your inner potential, and to be more effective within your self, your family, relationships, lifestyle and business.

As you progress - with appointments spaced to a comfortable timetable (recommended minimum of 1 per month) Sylvia will assist you to uncover and resolve those old patterns and barriers that prevent you from living your life to the fullest extent.

Fill the form below to enquire - Please note: Not all applicants are accepted - this program is intensive and requires full committment. Sylvia will offer you an individual assessment after which she will let you know if she is confident in your ability to benefit from this program.
The monthly fee is $165
. You can book 10 sessions for $1500.

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Personal Mentoring

Western Australia only. Duration 12 months.

What happens in one year of mentoring?

You will begin with a coffee conversation with Sylvia. In this informal setting you will choose together the course for your personally designed 12 months of work together. At this time, she will assess your strengths and areas of focus for the program all the while, encouraging the Self Responsibility model of learning.

Her focus is firmly in the arena of personal development as Sylvia’s long experience has shown her that this comes before all other goals. Career success, professional advancement and relationships including family and your very intimate partnerships, will all flourish once the individual grows and evolves into the core truth of the being.

The full program includes all or some of the weekend group workshops and seminars - depending on choice. It will be an ongoing positive experience of up's and up's as you open your inner sacred space to twelve months of mindfulness. The coffee conversation mentoring sessions with Sylvia will be highlights to assist you to deepen your process on all levels.

Mentoring revolves around developing the mentee’s intelligences and
opens the way for your dreams and desires to actualise.

Mentoring, helping to shape your individual beliefs and values in a positive way, directing and redirecting towards a better YOU.

Thank you my very wise and beautiful friend and mentor. There are no words to describe my gratitude for you, your graceful presence, nurturing strength, wisdom and guidance has helped me so much. Our sessions our priceless. Thank you for reminding me how to shine and helping me rise up💕
Denise Armenio

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Applicants from Western Australia only
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