My mentoring skills have evolved over the years. My best is happening. I don’t need to hold secrets to myself – what I learn in my life I share with you.

To experience a taste of this work together you can join our weekly journalling group.. you will receive prompts to inspire your frequent journalling - daily five to seven minutes or more will make a significant difference as you watch your life, emotions and spiritual connection evolve.

The value for us working together is for you to have support and breakthroughs. To know that someone, in another corner of the world is thinking of you and reaching out to you.

Journaling is part of our growth journey. The weekly prompts are not specific directives but rather inquiry and a “let’s see where each prompt leads and what awareness it opens”.

I encourage you to hand write your journal. In handwriting you engage more of your senses of touch, see, feel, listening to your inner voice, sometimes savouring – taste, engaging the fragrant memory process too.

These weekly journalling prompts are included when you sign up for a mentoring program with me.

If however you would like to join this segment of the program you can - sign up here to receive your prompts - its like a mini newsletter weekly to your inbox - they are also available here on line - you will receive your password when you sign up.