Healing Emotional Wounds

Holding a trauma can be an obstacle to achieving our goals and being happy. Anyone in your life can suffer a trauma, because of an event that affects you in a certain way and that constantly generates negative memories of fear, sadness or shame.

It is necessary to face it and overcome it as soon as possible; otherwise it will harm you throughout your life and eventually change your personality limiting your life choices.

What is trauma?

A trauma is a sensory or/and emotional wound, suffered by some people after living an event or abusive stage in their life, which affects them dramatically, causing pain and emotional distress.These negative events leave their mark on the person who suffers them, modify their personality, and affect their attitude and future behavior in similar situations.

Unless resolved, for-ever-after people try to avoid or flee from these situations as a defense mechanism, not having been able to assimilate it psychically, manage it emotionally, forgive it spiritually, nor having adapted to the new situation.

Trauma can occur at any age. However, in childhood and adolescence, people are more vulnerable and are more strongly marked by what happens to them. At this age, one does not have a defined personality, and one has little capacity to respond to events that have a negative influence on people.

Many children have to face the death or divorce of their parents, others are victims of abuse, rejection, indifference, protection, lack of communication. Each one will be affected in a different way, but having help and support to solve the problems contributes to overcoming them.

Those who suffer trauma try to forget them and not remember them. In this case, we are dealing with people who have suffered an emotional trauma and have not managed to overcome it; they have not yet assumed their past or fully resumed their future.

Other times it happens that the trauma is so strong, that the person cannot remember it or has empty spaces in their memory, which prevents them/ourself from finding out what really happened. Traumas hidden in the unconscious, do not allow people to live peacefully or proceed in developing all of their potential. It is not necessary for the exact moment of trauma to be recalled in order to stop the effect. In our work we identify the emotions associated with the trauma. The trauma will then heal and we are free to develop all our intelligences.

M.E.Henne, Norway. Attended Sylvia Marina’s class. Her comment “Digging Deep and Rising High”. A beautiful place to begin the new-year goals of life!

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