Resolve Negative Habits

Activate 100% of brain capacity by eliminating negative habits.

Habits are those actions that we do automatically without thinking about them. These mental impulses are lodged in our subconscious brain and have been growing through repetition, although many habits are positive, negative habits do not fully activate our physical and mental capacity.

The purpose of habit is to save energy to the brain.

When faced with a certain situation, habit automatically activates a series of neural networks that trigger action. In this way, our conscious brain does not have to reprocess all the information or make decisions.

Through habits in our subconscious brain we move from action to reaction.

Eliminating negative habits and incorporating positive habits is an intelligent way to use the ‘power of attraction’, since in this way we will be automatically attracting positive events into our lives.

The main step of all change is to become aware.

This means realizing that something is not right and must be changed.

To undertake change one must have a clear and objective view of the facts.

Here is a plan of action for you. Identify current habits: Make a list of all the habits you repeat day after day.

Divide them into two columns with their corresponding classification.

Rate positive and negative habits: What does each bad habit satisfy?

For example, someone who smokes too much usually does so to calm anxiety. The same can happen with the one who eats too much or too little, or with the alcohol - over talking, over compensating, habitually late, speeding, critical, excessive shopping, to list a few.

List to identify how your bad habit is trying to help or support you.

Once the beneficial intention has been identified, you can replace that bad habit with a positive one that replaces that intention. For example, the habit of going for a walk in the open air, or perhaps the habit of meditating, can be very helpful in calming anxiety.

Changes in habits often require a great deal of energy on our part until they are in place. To this end, it is advisable to change one habit at a time and, when it is successfully incorporated, move on to the next.

Think about why you want to change a habit or incorporate a new one, there are specific and personal reasons that you must have well identified.

The question you need to ask yourself is, "How will this habit help me progress?


“Change either leads us closer to or further from our goals.” ~ Sylvia Marina

For positive change to happen! It is not enough to want... much less to need... you have to really want. This will keep your motivation level higher. It may be useful to visualise yourself with your acquired habit and how it benefits you. This process will help you keep the flame of desire burning.

Every habit is gained through repetition. If we do the same action every day in certain situations, it may be that at first we have a hard time assimilating it, but over time it will be incorporated into our subconscious and, once there, everything will be easier.

Forever, Sylvia Marina

Sylvia Marina is an Author, Speaker, Human Behaviour Specialist.

Sylvia is an international course author, master educator and conference speaker.

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