Intimacy Means Trust

It is a human curiosity to learn and know the truth about intimacy.

Intimacy frequently brings up the word sex. But intimacy is more than we take a very beautiful, broader view of intimacy.

Intimacy is about truth and trust.

The first time most people experienced intimacy in the outside world is when they feel their mothers skin for the first time – ideally when a baby is born it is brought to the mothers bare skin belly and breast and she automatically puts her arms around her newborn.

When this first intimate experience is absent – intimacy and trust may be the major missing element to future life path success – but it does not need to always be that way.

Intimacy frequently brings up the word sex. But intimacy is more than sex... we take a very beautiful, broader view of intimacy – and to say, I am the course author of Return To Love this is all about intimacy and truth, that’s why people return again and again each time going deeper and deeper into the life experience, self and relationship understanding.

Sex does not completely define a couple's intimacy, in fact it does not come close to what really makes two people able to live together and have the perfect chemistry to form a family and be fully happy.

Emotional intimacy exists where there is the confidence to be oneself without fear of being judged or perceived as fragile or unstable. It opens the space and the opportunities to talk about our deepest feelings, to transmit what we think without obstacles or filters, to say with total transparency what we feel and that the other person understands it.

Having space for conversation with our partner helps us to build a healthier and truer relationship.

With the passing of years, the wear and tear of age, hormonal phases and other conditions, the most important intimacy becomes the emotional, where there is freedom to say what you think, assume the defects (without fear) and not have to wear masks or armor to protect you.

Intimacy is about truth.

When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you can stand in front of someone and their response is “you are safe with me” – that’s intimacy.

I don’t know who wrote the following words but they ring true to me:

Who seeks the truth finds light and love. Who seeks to justify his old, worn out beliefs gets to wear his chains a little longer.

Intimacy is about trust.

When I was born, there were no arms to hold me, no contact flesh experience to connect with – as a child I knew their were vital components to my upbringing that was sadly lacking and I recall so many days that turned into nights of sorrow.

I remember being on my foster grandmothers knee. She had many grandchildren and I observed how she interacted with them – when it was my turn her interaction was the same – I began to trust.

“If we don’t take responsibility, if we don’t take action to understand our life situation, our default behaviour setting we will always be at victim status. Victim is a slave to circumstance”

Until we learn, know and experience the safety of trust, we will be victim to our circumstance – it doesn’t need to be that way!

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