The Awakening of Love

We connect more by opening our hearts.

Have you noticed, life is movement, and has all the colours, all the atmospheres, all the rhythms, all the cycles and without any doubt the challenge for the majority is to be more connected, more loving each day with what life brings to every moment.

I’ve been working with beautiful Souls who are bursting (and tentative) to discovering what life could be, if only they knew or could be shown a way to open more fully to explore love in all its beauty – we’re doing it.

Opening emotionally and spiritually often means (but not always), opening to painful dimensions of life. Opening as a flower opens is silent to the human ear, human life when opening involves curiosity, new dimensions and expression. This often means, opening up to the (sometimes but not necessarily) painful awareness of life. Often, without the acceptance of pain, there is no true openness.

AND yet, there are so many times in my personal journey when opening to new experiences of love has been a joyous expression.

There is a lesson I learnt from these wisdom words

Don’t try to force anything

Let life be a deep let-go

See God opening millions of flowers every day

Without forcing the buds.

Awakening on the path of life is openness to all its dimensions. Just as life has laughter and tears, it has life and death, expectation and disappointment, love and pain. The reality is, not to park at emotional pain or disappointment.

Respect yourself, decide to resolve or walk away from emotional pain.

Emotional pain often manifests as physical pain – there are times to ask, is this physical pain I feel or the result of a physical reaction or is it emotionally based, is it a love wounded-ness, is it pile-upon-pile of feelings of being misunderstood.

Has indifference crept into the former comfortable love nest…is it safe to open your heart to more love or to love again?

We connect more by opening our hearts.

Opening our hearts does not only mean vulnerability, it is not only opening ourselves to another person, to love, to life, or anything concrete. It supposes opening ourselves totally, to feel and touch the unseen, the spiritual. Awakening to love means awakening to all dimensions. That just because you couldn't yesterday, doesn't mean you can't today; and just because you can't today, doesn't mean you can't tomorrow.

These are my thoughts today, may they find a place of thoughtful process in you. I’d love you to share your thoughts with me –

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