Becoming a Better Person

The key to personal growth is the willingness to learn something new every day and be happy no matter what other people say.

The worries, the stress of work, the monthly bills, often it seems, everything overwhelms and haunts us, but this really doesn't justify why we can't be happy people. We need to aim for personal growth every day, beyond the professional aspect. Stagnating is not an option.

No one can know what situations you go through on a daily basis or how you feel, and this is reason enough to understand that if we don't accept each other as we are, no one else will.

Growing up at any age, is an every day priority

Sounds candid, strong, energetic, it's the truth, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, growing is a natural in your life, motivating you to be a better person, moving forward. What happens when we don't understand? The light within dims. The motivation that should advance our goals does not exist.

We do not fully live without a purpose. If we don't understand the importance of daily personal growth, people become angry with the world, without clear expectations they are bitter and many fall into depression.

Too many, hopefully not you, stop learning, because they feel they no longer have the ability, because of age. I have clients in the 35 to 65 age group, many feel new learning is too late! This is something we have to avoid. Personal development is not something to put aside, nor is it something that is made impossible by age, problems, or life's limitations.

Personal growth is based on continual learning.

Every day is a new opportunity to know something you didn't know. If you live according to what others may think of you, or try to please everyone, it is time to change! Speak Up. Start expressing your opinion. Anything that bothers you ,makes you uncomfortable or affects you, is something that you must make a decision on.

Growing up, at any age, means getting motivated to do what we can change in our lives, and it all starts with decisions, small or large it's time to make the best ones. How does a child begin to walk? Step by step, in this case it's exactly the same.

Analyze your actions, analyze your life.

Think, Am I Satisfied?

What do I like and what don't I like? Now is the age to grow up, to move forward to become better people. Do not stand still. Life is very short, take advantage of it and live it fully. Have the fortitude to constantly improve.

March is my birthday month and I remind myself. Age must never be an excuse to stop expanding the mind. Within our many natural gifts, it is my inner spirit life-long-learning attitude I truly appreciate and value.