The Critic Rules

“Cultivate the skills within yourself to overcome self-defeating programs, release self-doubt, guilt and fear so that you can make the shift, stop being what others want you to be, step into your power, start getting the love you want, the love your soul desires”. ~ Sylvia Marina ND

I have completed eight glorious months of infrequent writing to complete my latest book “Gifts Of My Heritage”. I initially thought I needed a ghost- writer to write my book as I was sure I didn’t have the time.

I quickly discovered my book needed me.

I engaged the ‘step into your power’ self-responsibility model and then, what happened within the pages of this book astounded me.

My wisdom self drew out previous hidden talents, sorrows, rejections, and a never-wavering belief in my self and my entelechy. This intelligence had always been within me. I needed the courage to activate it.

All my previous writings had been ‘just me’. So why ever I thought “Gifts Of My Heritage” needed an outside influence – I guess it was my self doubt – I soon discovered, my book was in me and only me could develop it.

In the book I reveal lies, misdeeds, misunderstandings, punishment for exploits I never did, the power of dreams and innocent promises of my childhood that moulded my life into being the Heart Leader, Influence and Guide.

In composing my book I learnt, the challenge is the internal chatter that happens. It’s not a new chatter, it has become part of us; we don't even notice or question it anymore. But it is there! These thoughts don't just float out into the air. Everything you say to yourself gets imprinted on your subconscious and cellular memory subsequently affecting your self-concept.

What we say to our self, matters.

Our problems are not and have never been set in stone. It is our emotional attachment to negative beliefs and thoughts that we mass about our self that our inner critic delights in defining who we are.

We may think it is outside influences that define us – no, it is the internal critic who decides who we are, worthy or unworthy. When the negative critic is present, it becomes a sabotage to progress.

I’m inspired that Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe, Co-Founders ICPKP wrote the foreword. In closing their foreword they wrote, “Writing one’s life journey makes one vulnerable and we salute you Sylvia for baring your soul.”

My souls desire is that you will be directed and inspired to fully, Get The Love Your Soul Desires.