Is Your Honeymoon Over

To me it is a great privilege and comfort to have your company and presence journeying through this life together.

Thank you to those who have contacted me with a plea for direction - to say... the workplace has lost it’s charm, relationships feel common, the once special moments are either none existent or a burden, conversations are emotionally charged, life is brimmed with disappointment.

What has happened - the honeymoon is over!

The countries we live in seem politically at unrest at present, many people are not-charmed by world leadership and are feeling an instability. This has a cascading effect on relationships. Please hold faith that common sense will prevail. In the meanwhile, how do we hold our own self sense and sensibility.

The ‘honeymoon is over’ experience.

It unexpectedly happened to my former marriage several years ago, and as if a failed marriage was not enough for this young mother to bear... it actually coincided when our country and around the world there was in a financial crises – high interest rates and very little cash, political squabbling and apparent greed and hunger.

Unaware of my personal dilemma, my clients looked to me for guidance and leadership.

I discovered, by spending time each day, just a few minutes....and one focus ‘quiet place’ each week, I managed my life and emotions better.

I became a better parent, with more tolerance and patience.

I became a more effective practitioner and mentor to my clients and more confident in social situations. I became more creative in managing my finances as a result all of life flowed more smoothly. I became wiser, and more understanding.

When we fall in love our life changes – and for many their whole world changes and they want to stay close to that energy. What brought that change created the Soulful Heaven-On-Earth experience.

When uncertainty is happening it effects us on many levels, some conscious and many unconscious.

I am concerned for families and relationships, and the business’s that hold communities together.

I know the value of staying heart centered.
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