Clarity and Truth in Your Living

Yesterday as I witnessed the marriage of two beautiful souls, my heart was reminded of the many contracts we make throughout our lifetime.

None so serious as the contract of marriage but non-the-less, in terms of our self- growth and soul journey, all are significant.

Many are just right at the time we commit. And perfect for the lessons our soul needs for deeper understanding and life lessons for our evolvement and transformation.

I often revisit my life contracts to identify whether they are still appropriate, relevant, active, sincere. From the contract with my foster parents – to be a good girl – whatever that meant! And, the wedding vows of long ago, religious vows, promises to friends, business contracts!

There are contracts that begin when we agree with another and then feel committed, when really we were hoping to ‘keep the peace’.

In my youth I had a beautiful singing voice and when my former mother-in-law discovered my talent announced to me there would be no exhibitionists in this family. Ignorantly or foolishly I obeyed, so many reasons why, possibly the only real reason, I yearned their approval – it didn’t happen.

In terms of contracts, what needs to be deleted, what’s appropriate to be renewed!

The contracts of old, so often the paper is very yellowed, possibly disintegrating and like the paper the contract was scribed longer applicable.

The hundreds of people I have the privilege to work with, so many are consciously and/or unconsciously endeavouring to stay true to something that simply doesn’t exist or foolishly hope that relationships will miraculously change – in these situations sweetness does not happen and we wonder what drains our energy.

In my 30 years specialist experience in behavioural science (exploring the emotional reasons behind physical dysfunctions) is a hidden contributing factor to migraines, fatigue, exhaustion, unexplained illnesses and why people don’t heal is often an attachment to inappropriate contracts.

People are not aware of their contracts and other times people just don’t know what to do, in fear, people emotionally become numb.

One certainty remains, whilst we hold energy to negatively impacting contracts, vows and promises, we are certainly not holding space for the love we so richly deserve. We are not fully living our truth.

Yesterday as I witnessed the marriage of two beautiful souls, I renewed a vow to myself. AND if I can be of significance to you, it is to help you find clarity and truth in your living too.