Personal Growth Belief

I, acknowledge myself as a free thinker, a sage choosing to observe and learn from the actualities of the world and seasons around us.

Why I wrote those words today, I wonder, they follow a year of deep connection to the spiritual essence of my life.

Every year, every day, is about change. This year our lives have been rocked at the many losses, loves and lives that have been guiding lights and influential in activating change... family, friends, mentors, greats, those whose voice has been in our lives by way of music, song, arts, leaders, justice...

It became a year of conscious uncertainty. One aspect rang clear; the privilege of standing on the shoulders of the greats. Those who have walked this earth’s seasons and circumstances either with us, or have been a conscious or unconscious influence in our life and life lessons!

Mysteriously, silently... we are more than our time here on earth, we are the sum of our ancestors. Their desires, drive and discovery etched in our genes, we are their future generation, we are the future they dreamed of. They gifted us intelligences, wisdom and knowing.

Individually how well are we doing.

If you need of a mentor, someone to communicate and spiritually walk with you, someone to help you access and activate your intelligences, I am here for you.

I have been through deep soul searching this year – urged on by the truth I am still amongst the living and there is a reason to this. I have more work to do and thank you for reaching out to the ‘life change’ work I offer.

My work has changed throughout the years and if you attended my courses in former times, you will discover a newer depth and dimension has evolved.

Two weeks ago I purchased a gift for a friend. It was a plant in a lovely container. The horticulturalist said, this plant will grow to it’s environment, if you want it small leave it in this little pot, if you want it to grow larger put it into a larger environment, don’t put it in the open garden or it will go wild.

So significant to the person I was buying for and a thoughtful lesson for me.

The environment we live in can restrict our personal growth to the point we think we know-it-all, because that’s the size of our environment, when actually we have not expanded beyond our self-ideas and beliefs, family and social limitations – we need to expand our environment.