Love Happens

There is a mythology in our culture that love ‘just happens’.

We know this is a truth and a myth and for many, a quandary.

One thing I know.

When I hold a newborn babe and welcome babe to my world, I know that feeling as I whisper “I love you” to that little babe, I’m actually saying “I love the way I feel about me when I’m with you”.

I’m in the moment.

The dreaming about potential, the murmurs of the future...totally in love, totally in that moment – I feel I know the newborn baby smell, warmth, delight.

And this feeling happens on many different levels throughout our lifetime.

Love is as critical for your mind and body as oxygen. Unlike the air we breathe, love is different for everyone. The similarity between oxygen and love is, you know when it’s not free flowing.

I read recently that love is a learned skill?

Love does not specifically come from hormones or emotion – though some may argue that point, hormones and emotions stimulate that loving feeling.

So, once again I begin drifting into that beautiful feeling of love.

On a deep compassionate level I understand that till we understand the skills of love; depression becomes the normal because you have many failure experiences to the point, hopelessness becomes a way of life.

The more connected you are, the healthier you will be physically and emotionally.

Connected to what?

When I hold a newborn baby, I feel that connection. I return the baby to the cradle, I am still feeling connection.

I interpret connection to my truth, my authentic self – my physical connected to my soul – I stay connected. I like that part of me that stays connected to my inner spirit, it is here I know love, it is here I distinguish my life path and purpose.

The life is not just about the-Me.

Love is about relationships, career, lifestyle...

In relationships there are always core differences between two people, no matter how good or close they are, Your joy is to identify the differences and negotiate them so they don’t distance you or destroy the relationship.