Heal Memory

The theme of most for not seeking help for anxiety is the fear of being labelled neurotic. Too many have been told their neurosis is all in the head. Statements like this are not helpful.

Anxiety activates one’s ‘fight, flight or freeze’ neuro-transmitters. These neurotransmitters trigger the constant release of relaxation hormones and endorphins. This can lead to a marked decrease in energy, the feeling of constant fatigue, exhaustion.

In an endeavour to cope with life people turn to stimulants, commonly sugar and caffeine.

What your body craves is sleep. Deep restful sleep that is difficult to achieve when your thoughts are constantly filled with the anxiety to achieve, combined with the fear of failure. This torment hinders people from trusting their self, they know they are intelligent but their anxiety causes their neurochemistry to become imbalanced.

I am successful in helping people identify the basis of anxieties so they can sleep peacefully, replenish their body and reset their neurotransmitters.

Many anxieties are hereditary, carried in the DNA for many generations, occasionally skipping a generation or, what is known as a ‘sleeper’ and the moment a trigger is activated the hidden anxiety actions into controlling, resulting in a chain reaction of debilitations.

The client will often say...”but I was well and able until....”

What happened?

An emotional trigger released trans-generation negative memory.

Our goal is not to forget a hurtful event or trauma, but to heal the memory so you or your client can regain their focus, strength and energy.