Directing Change

It is possible to detect subtle changes in your own body, by performing your own energy scan on a regular basis.

As living vehicles for our journey here on earth, our body deserves loving attention and care. We can positively affect our health and contribute to healing any injuries by regularly focusing our own mental and spiritual energy within our body.

This can be done by performing a body scan on yourself, notice your temperature and the temperature in different area’s, systems and organs, you may be aware of colour, a spotlight directing you to a place of awareness, you may hear your inner wisdom offer attention to these messages.

Begin by lying or sitting in a comfortable position and taking several deep breaths fully exhaling between each breath.

Imagine, a sunbeam entering the top of your head or it may enter through your toes or fingers.

Feel this light slowly scanning each part of your internal body. Allow the light to scan every cell in your body, breath and when your feel tempted, sigh.

Breath-out any heaviness, any sorrow. Notice changes, lightness or intensity in your body. Sensations vary from person to person. Any intensity, stay with it till it lessens – breathing out sorrow, sadness, heaviness, pain, or unusual colours...sensations vary in each situation.

You may feel a shift in body guidance. If you feel a sticky-ness, tired weariness or restriction in a certain area of your body, be with that mass, feel into it.

Ask your body why that situation is there and what you need to do to release it. Don’t judge, argue or analyze the wisdom that comes to you.

The body doesn't is wisdom.

Often, we experience energy restriction in our body because our body is trying to tell us something. Breathe into that area until you feel that part relax, flow free or the mass dissolving.

When you have finished your scan, take one last deep breath and exhale any energetic residue that you are ready to release.

Sadness, sickness, turmoil, trauma imbalance that exists in our body is there so that we can learn from that presence. An existing injury or illness can teach us to re-evaluate our lifestyle, thoughts, words, expectations, actions and reactions.

The more you scan your body, the better you will become. If you sense that something is not right in your body, you may want professional help, tell them about your experience. When you have finished your scan, thank your remarkable body.

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Sylvia Marina

International Author, Speaker, Influencer, Sylvia’s professional background includes Kinesiology, Behavioural Science, Orthomolecular Medicine plus 30 years experience in the Healing Art of Emotional Intelligence empowering people to find their own authenticity, happiness and joy, guiding them through their darker periods with gentleness, love and compassion.

1991-97 I was professionally dedicated to working with cancer patients both in my clinic practice and with a medical team presenting health retreats for cancer patients. Every client I worked with, every course I taught, I discovered no correction is permanent until the underlying emotion is resolved.

It makes no sense to lecture people, my clients know me as the ‘queen of conversation’ who through dialogue, kinesiology techniques, relaxation and specific meditation, assists people to find the episode or genetically inherited pattern that influenced behavior that contributed to illness.

My passion as a natural ‘life skills’ educator is to help people to build their ‘core capacities’, so that they are able to meet un-anticipated challenges and thoughtfully and specifically tailor their responses to individual day to day situations.

It is always my goal to connect you to your inner knowing and understanding, to give you skills to create a life of happiness and harmony and to approach new beginnings with sacred love. Each emotional and spiritual intelligence self mastery program I design, gives you skills that enable you to be all that you can be... and when you arrive at that place you will be ready to discover more.