Healing Ancestral Wounds

Emotional wounds are the most common reasons that physical healing takes so long or fails to fully heal.

When we feel emotional or physical pain, there is a natural reaction to have someone or something to blame.

Where there's an inner wound that has festered, it becomes easy to lash out or have sudden outbursts of anger, hate and resentment.

Yes, even to people who love you, and have done you no harm.

Whether the lashing out was actual verbal or physical, or you just thought about it running the anger scenario in thought through your head, it all carries an energy that brings a disconnection between you and another. The larger truth is that unresolved emotion effects cells, organs and systems in your body becoming a contributing factor to illness and disease.

Our goal is not to forget a hurtful event or trauma, but to resolve and receive healing for that event, where within the chambers of your heart or the system in your body where the emotional toxic venom resides, you remove the stinger. The nobler is not to look for someone/something to blame but rather, identify the problem, and realize the need for understanding and healing.

When we look back upon a healed wound, we can see it in a different way, because it has been healed and is no longer painful and the scar has mended.

When a person is hurt from past abuse, they will begin to think that perhaps what happened to them, was deserved because of something they did or the way that they were. This is not true. Abuse is never acceptable, even if a child was being out of order. Parental love disciplines and corrects, but never abuses. In an ancestral misunderstanding, resentment is sometimes carried for many generations – it is time to resolve before it permanently damages a persons mental process.

Often the wound is a deep felt pain with no actual identifiable story.

When a client brings me this scenario, it’s hard for them to feel loved, difficult to forgive because they don’t know what the problem is. They do know each time a feeling of self hatred or little self worth, hostility, irrational expectations of others, obsessive compulsive bondages of self-resentment, self-unforgiveness arises. It becomes evident it is a deeply held ancestral pattern.

Carrying around a burden of shame hinders the inner healing process because it mentally separates us from the delicate softness of the heart.

It is time to ascertain, who would you be without this story, and then identify the dominant emotion associated with the ancestral pattern of behavior.

To truly heal damaged emotions, stop repetitive patterns of behavior... reconcile and mend, childhood and ancestral history.