Abuse, Stop It

As a result of so many emails after my last post, it prompted me to forward the following post from Ms Leal – I hope it is helpful.

Ms Leal says... “if we speak only from the heart, the tone is automatically softer but many people enter relationships with the sounds of expectation, based on the mind's memory of previous failures, shortcomings and disappointments.

A partner subjected to negative undertones again and again will never feel connected, will lose self esteem and will leave the relationship - either emotionally or physically, or both.

Abuse can be very subtle. Thankfully these situations are often reversible if caught in time and new methods implemented.”

Sylvia writes: It’s been said many times over, its not what we say but the way in which we say it, this includes attitude which is reflected in the tone of the voice.

Relationships are give and take but why do people receiving abuse remain silent and take it again and again? It was only with hindsight that a relationship I treasured, was actually very cruel very abusive, interspersed with great generosity.

People are abusive because they have a subconscious memory or a genetic pattern that shards off like a firecracker or the opposite, the silent treatment is the weapon. People stay in abusive relationships because their self esteem is confused or so battered they lack direction or the ability to make decisions.

They don’t do different because they are afraid – some people become afraid that there will never be a place of peace.

Many stay in dysfunctional relationships because...

1) the sex is good

2) they perceive they have no-where else to go

3) can’t see how to financially manage

4) when times are good it’s very, very good

Abuse is mentally and emotionally very cruel – it impairs decision making process. If you are the receiver of abuse or the one who abuses or as in some cases the receiver and abuser – it is time to implement change.

Abuse occurs when people mistreat other people, showing no concern for their innate worth as individuals. Abusers use abusive behaviour to manipulate their victims into compliance with their will.

Seriously I want to empower people to make change and direct you to our MASTERCLASS – Getting The Love You Want – so you can learn how you can help people make the change, get the love and life they truly want.

I am professionally equipped to identify abuse and abusive behaviour. I can help You.