Refresh Your Brain

I’ve been in three days of clean country air, green grass beneath my feet, then tramping over rocks and rough to scramble further up the hill to rest and see more of the big plants the trees, the tiny miniature forest beneath my feet and the lichen on the rocks. To listen to the wind, see the shapes, landscapes and horizon...and watch the wisps of white clouds contrast the blue, blue sky.

So refreshing to the soul, restfulness for the brain and body. Hours away from my city life I breathed in the freshness of natures palette... for a few hours, this was mine. Across the landscape four black cockatoo birds, graceful in their flight.

Close by my feet, tiny ants busy in their doing. It’s a poetic world of nature, a world of wind-song and light breeze dance... to really feel it, I stop observe and slow my breath to the rhythm of the moment.

My right creative brain wanted to paint, my exacting left brain wanted to draw... my heart said, just be.

It seemed a lifetime later, I drove to my other life, my city life, my mind travelled soaked in the landscapes and colours, then reality...the closer to town the denser the traffic, my mind drifted to some words I wrote some years ago and I I am again...

“Dear Brain, you are up there like heaven-above and we expect, like ‘heaven’ you will always be welcoming, functioning and through all the crazy hours of AND mostly you are...until you get stuck on the treadmill of dealing with too much stuff getting tangled in the perpetual cycle of busyness, anxiety, fear and uncertainty”.

While business and work is honorable, overwork can be cultural, a family pattern, an expectation and through certain periods of life a battling to stay afloat in challenging times.

Overwork typically manifests as chronic tiredness, feeling constantly stressed and worried about taking holidays or time off because we fear the possible consequences.

The consequences for me are rejuvenating, refreshing, refocus, self-care and self-loving.

To be and think well, starts with a healthy brain. Worrying about unfinished work or looming deadlines impacts sleep and performance. It’s difficult sometimes to distinguish between what’s important and what is un-necessary burden.

Our brain contains billions of nerve cells arranged in patterns that coordinate movement, thought, emotion, behaviour, sensation! It performs even when we’re refreshed!


Clean air, quietness, self appreciation and thankfulness for all that is, serving and being served, giving and receiving, respecting and being respectful...


Brain capability is reduced through sleep deprivation. A sleep pattern is the movement of the brain through different brainwave states, alpha, REM, theta, delta, that allows the brain to repair itself and rebalance brain chemicals for better mental health.


Lack of water to the brain can be the cause of problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression, and many more. Water gives the brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought and memory processes.


The foods that support healthy circulation are right for your brain. There are lists available of natural super foods that protect the brain from oxidative stress. Eat smart for a healthier brain – my favourites include berries, mangoes, avocado, nuts, seeds, and as many different colours of vegetables & fruits I can find in the garden and at the farmers market.


Brain capability isn’t just about memory games. It’s about living life to the fullest, with joy, passion and curiosity. That’s what leads to high performance thinking and meaningful conversations. It starts with deciding what’s important, determining your non-negotiable and implementing those ways of thinking to elevate your creative, your magnificence, gentleness and greatness, and understanding your entelechy.


Brain health requires love, self-love, self-appreciation, self-care, intimacy, pleasure, touch, curiosity, fun and moments of new discoveries. Are you getting the right love for your type.

Don’t be afraid to love wholeheartedly, give your brain the pleasure of resting and relaxing making your life... heaven-on-earth.