Happiness is Homemade

Sometimes I observe that as human beings we are very focused on many things, like being productive, having a job, a family, beautiful clothes, perfect body, health, too often in doing we forget that, we work, we seek because we want to be happy, and we lose sight of true happiness.

Overwhelmed by perceived requirements to be happy, until the point comes to ask ourselves: “How will I know I am happy? What is the meaning of life? What is enough?”

People become consumed to the idea that we need certain things or situations to happen in order to be happy, to feel good or satisfied with life, and we put disguises on happiness, some examples are believing that you are happy because you feel euphoric and active all the time, with friendships, money or fame.

The truth is, none of these conditions really defines the basis of our happiness. It is a set model of recognitions that we are accustomed to in the search for personal mental stability.

Happiness is that moment in which we live fully without feeling worried about tomorrow, it is to enjoy the now, to accumulate as much knowledge as possible in the brain to feel that I have all the answers and find the security required to define the direction of our life.

In the phases of personal recognition, and spiritual connection I notice that many, analyze unhappiness in order to find the causes, something to blame, and make emotional adjustments from there. It is equally or more important to understand what happiness is, understand joyful, feel inner bliss, know inner peacefulness and contentment. Harness the power of that moment, savor the feelings of contentment and take time to be grateful for them.

Happiness is an internal decision.

Take as a priority the task of understanding the true meaning of our happiness, and visualise a clear objective that brings us closer to our clearest self, truth and authenticity.

Years ago, my husband genuinely asked what gift would I appreciate most for my birthday. Throughout the years my answer is always the same, “time with you”. As I write I’m with the “good man” my bestie, on holiday, lost in time together, drifting into sunsets, watching the sea life in the crystal clear ocean waters, breathing in the green of the jungle, joining the locals in a shared smile and soft hello, stepping over crabs and bumping across potholes...choices at the local fish, fruit and vegetable market... it’s all part of the contentment and happiness of life.

Recognition is the first step in allowing change! Recognising within our self what it truly feels like to be content is a first step towards sustaining happiness. When I feel a new level of contentment I imagine that joy running through the veins and cells of my body, into my aura and to the world of my loved ones across the oceans and around the world we live in.

Happiness is simple, love and contentment.