Two Day Public Speak Business Training

Communication is essential to being human, and when you become better at it your personal truth becomes clearer, your relationships improve and the result is your career expands, your relationships improve, and you experience more peace and harmony in your life.


Your presenter Sylvia Marina is passionate about the art of communication and how it impacts on winning business, keeping business and building great relationships.

Tips from Sylvia

  • The story you tell yourself is what determines your success in life

  • Listen to yourself – a story can always be changed

  • Believing in yourself, is a better indicator to success than any other skill

  • In every aspect of your career, businesses or personal life communication is key


In our two day program you will learn -

  • techniques to handle situations with ease

  • how to engage an audience

  • reduce anxiety

  • overcome fear

  • prepare a presentation

  • deliver a presentation

  • become an engaging, influential communicator

Our training prepares you for -

  • leadership

  • sales

  • business management

  • deliver a business presentation, speak at a conference

  • networking

  • social occasions

  • give a speech at a family event, wedding, birthday, funeral

  • better relationships

  • capture the audience attention

  • inspire desire, motivate for positive change and lift their spirits