Turn on Your Best Genes

You can hoard more useless things than junk – in your mind!

According to my South Australia speaker colleague, Colin Pearce.

The choices we make over the course of a lifetime can actually alter the way some of your genes express. We can actually increase our happiness by turning "on" the right genes.

My experience of working with clients for more than 30 years means I’ve interviewed and conversed with many people carrying habits and addictions – it’s debilitating and it’s becoming more common.

People are missing the true joy of life.

This expresses itself in us having full lives but not spiritually rewarding lives. Please understand that when I say spiritual I am not referring to religion.

People have full lives, busy lives, lives on a rotating timetable (known as the rat in the wheel syndrome), doing, doing, revolving but not evolving. Constantly adding more and more to our daily lives but not actually accomplishing, not experiencing personal growth or fulfilling life’s purpose – to be wisdom.

Too many become hoarders of doing, hoarders of projects, hoarders of dreams...

Colin says...hoarding starts small and can build to become a serious disorder. None of the notorious hoarders went out one day and bought 9 tonnes of assorted junk to bring home. They built up their disorder over years, probably starting with a wardrobe of clothes or a drawer of pens!

Ouch, the pens...!! Who has the Bower Bird approach – bringing home brightly colored objects to line the nest? The bachelor Bower Bird does this to attract a mate – I wonder why humans have adopted this practice? I know...some of the pens were gifts, but many have been ‘intently taken by... hoarders’.

Many of my readers have been following my work, my personal self-growth and professional development. I’ve been a gatherer, or rather a reluctance to ‘throw out’ – it’s easy to make excuses – deprived childhood...da-de-daa – it can become an endless mantra – over the years I’ve jest - I didn’t inherited the housework gene.

The truth exists in this statement... the choices we make over the course of a lifetime can actually alter the way some of our genes express.

The good news is... we can re-program ourselves.

I’ve worked successfully with myself and hundreds of clients to specifically reprogram to reduce stress, enhance health, improve mood, gain clarity and vitality.

At the interface of science, spirituality and conscious evolution...

You can actually change habits and addictions.

You can increase happiness by “turning on” the right genes.

You can re-direct unconscious neurological gene expression set points and change them into positive accomplishment.

Often we walk the pathways of our mind, only to re-discover what we already know – consider how life betterment can happen when you identify and discard patterns of behavior that have been limiting your life, simply because you were not aware of their presence.

I promise you, life is a mind-expanding adventure – if you allow!