Deep Breathing to Help Relieve Stress

"The time you want the map ... is before you enter the woods." ~ Brendon Burchard

If you ever feel stressed or frustrated with life’s pressures, decision making, through times of change, grief or disappointment, physical or emotional pain – use this skill.

Deep breathing, otherwise known as diaphragmatic breathing, has been practiced by Yoga masters and Spiritual teachers for centuries.

There is an art to this calming skill.

It is easy to learn.

Either lie down or sit upright with feet flat on the floor

Place your hands on your diaphragm allow the tips of your middle fingers to touch each other.

Breathe out – exhale

Breathe in deeply and slowly. Focus on drawing your breath from your nose, through your lungs to diaphragm. Keep your shoulders still.

Slowly exhale

Breathe in deeply. Slowly count to ten.

Practice this skill twice a day. If you find it difficult, be patient. Once you master deep breathing you will notice that when you use it for a specific purpose, unnecessary or excessive thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you, will fade away.

If you do this exercise in front of a mirror you will begin to notice the gap between your fingertips expanding. This means you are increasing your breathing capacity.

If you are already a diaphragmatic breather, congratulations!

If you are a shallow breather, practicing this exercise daily will make a difference in your life.

If you are faced with a medical procedure, the above natural exercise is a valuable skill to have ready, in your ‘self help’ tool kit.