TRANSFORMING DNA MEMORIES Facilitator Certification Training

Transforming DNA Memories

When you enroll in Transforming DNA Memories, you are making a commitment to work on your life.
Many have spent years learning how to be ‘something’, a teacher, engineer, nurse… most spend very little time learning how to be your very own authentic self. 

Transforming DNA Memories is the nexus point between your memories and misunderstandings of the past and your intelligent healing processes of the future.

Anyone on a healing journey is welcome to attend.

If you are ready to commit to yourself to transform every part of your life, click here to reserve your place for our next Transforming DNA workshop.

Stop repeating patterns that bring frustration and anger, and feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.
Stop trying to please other people.
Stop that feeling of knowing there is more purpose in this life for you – discover and connect to your purpose.
With the skills you learn in Transforming DNA Memories you can trace the foundation of frustrations and change your life.

 ▪  Clear generations of negative memory
 ▪  Access your ancestral memory, intellect & knowledge
 ▪  Stop bad habits

This four-day hands-on workshop with Creative Director Sylvia Marina, gives you the opportunity to access all your intelligences, develop new skills and positively direct your life to creating and maintaining prosperity, inner peace and joy.

Participants report sharper clearer mind and ability to concentrate.
Greater clearer mental stillness and calm.

Resolve anxiety, past and present trauma memories.

Understand not all behaviours are learnt, many are genetic ancestral behaviours that can be changed.
Your DNA is not Your Destiny.
Activate your constructive intelligences to a better future.

Health practitioners, learn these multidimensional wisdoms - at the completion of the 4 day workshop you will be equip and ready to offer this methodology to your clients.
Qualify to teach these powerful wisdoms.

Transforming DNA Memories  is translated in the following languages: 
English, Danish, German, Spanish, Russian.

Don’t wait for a crisis.

▪  Connect to and work with your sacred wisdom

▪  Create change beyond cellular memory.

   Erase ballast from Soul Journey habits.

Dear Sylvia,
Thank-you so much for your visit to Bergen, Norway. The days were wonderful and heart-opening on so many levels. I experienced this week at work when colleagues and patients were unusually open, and I have been thinking of a message I received in a session from a speech of Nelson Mandela where he says, 'if you release your one fear you automatically give other people subconsciously the same opportunity' - I have been in the core of my fear and this week following Transforming DNA Memories have had wonderful dreams telling me important knowledge...I am really looking forward to seeing you again. Have a beautiful day. Love Benedicte -  Bergen, Norway. November 2017.

Transforming DNA Memories has inwoken many important memories for me. Memories that have given new information to use in my personal and professional life. With much Love. Carina – Copenhagen Denmark.

An absolutely lovely experience, transformative on many levels.  The protocol is easy to access and understand and the sessions go deep because we work on so many levels.  Thank you for a caring and nurturing environment. I will be back for the Return To Love workshop. Lisbeth – Copenhagen Denmark

Transforming DNA Memories in indeed about transforming your DNA in the best possible way.  It is a great spiritual journey back to the ancestors with lots of respect and great revelation.  This is one of those courses I want to attend again and again, for greater knowledge about myself.  Thank you Sylvia.   Dorthe  – Copenhagen Denmark.

    Natasha Kent wrote...I enjoyed Sylvia's teaching style and wisdom.

    I look forward to assisting clients find the 'missing link' in their lives, patterns and behaviours. Natasha. NSW. Australia

    Thank you Sylvia for a wonderful four days strengthening the connection and understanding between me and my ancestors.
    I am now able to share this gift with the world. In all times but maybe now more than ever we do need the understanding and
    joy of connection on all
levels.  Thank-you for providing a powerful tool for doing just that. 
    Kindly, Mie – Copenhagen Denmark.

An amazing course, with deep reaching meditations and balancing that includes both aspects from soul clearing and past generations clearing.  It is an amazing tool and knowledge which I am already looking forward to using with others. Love from Mia – Copenhagen Denmark.

     I can now say, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. - Rangi - Perth Western Australia.

If you are ready to commit to yourself to transform every part of your life, click here to reserve your place for our next Transforming DNA workshop.


Workbook Translations: English, Danish, German, Spanish, Russian.


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