Getting the Love You Want

Gain inspiration and clarity on your ability to create an amazing and authentic life.

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The big issue is when we are unconsciously and continually Yearning Love. We make foolish decisions and repeat a cycle of sabotage.

  • It’s Your Birth Right to Feel & Be Worthy

  • Worthy Of Love

  • Worthy Of Wealth & Prosperity

  • Worthy Of Vitality

And YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL – like me and hundreds of my clients WHO NOW HAVE IT ALL…

That is why the process is so powerful -- it goes straight into your emotional energy vortex.

Yearning love and making decisions from a place of low self-worth has a HIGH-COST you can’t afford to pay.


Transforming DNA Memories

Make a committment to work on your life and learn how to be your very own authentic self.


Many have spent years learning how to be ‘something’, a teacher, engineer, nurse… most spend very little time learning how to be your very own authentic self.

Transforming DNA Memories is the nexus point between your memories and misunderstandings of the past and your intelligent healing processes of the future.

Anyone on a healing journey is welcome to attend.

If you are ready to commit to yourself to transform every part of your life, click here to reserve your place for our next Transforming DNA workshop.


Return To Love

“In order for you to change the world around you for the better, you have to change yourself for the better”. ~ Sylvia Marina.


Instead of spending a lifetime making slow and steady progress on your self development path, take a far-reaching leap into a completely different experience of being your true authentic self.

Sylvia presents a step by step process that enables you to clearly see your inner sanctum purpose and evolve this into present reality.

RETURN TO LOVE is four-day program that gives you skills to recognise and release life-times of repetitive negative behaviour.

  • Free yourself from the bondage of what others want you to be

  • Stop manipulating others in an endeavour to get the life you want

  • End inner frustration, emotional turmoil and depression

You will –

  • Learn how to connect to the sacred within

  • Learn about love and healing, harmony, kindness, desire and belonging

  • Open the door to a life of belonging, love and profound spiritual awakening.

“I saw the angel in the marble and worked until I set him free.” Michelangelo

Set Yourself Free.

Two Day Public Speak Business Training

Communication is essential to being human, and when you become better at it your personal truth becomes clearer, your relationships improve and the result is your career expands, your relationships improve, and you experience more peace and harmony in your life.


Your presenter Sylvia Marina is passionate about the art of communication and how it impacts on winning business, keeping business and building great relationships.

Tips from Sylvia

  • The story you tell yourself is what determines your success in life

  • Listen to yourself – a story can always be changed

  • Believing in yourself, is a better indicator to success than any other skill

  • In every aspect of your career, businesses or personal life communication is key


In our two day program you will learn -

  • techniques to handle situations with ease

  • how to engage an audience

  • reduce anxiety

  • overcome fear

  • prepare a presentation

  • deliver a presentation

  • become an engaging, influential communicator

Our training prepares you for -

  • leadership

  • sales

  • business management

  • deliver a business presentation, speak at a conference

  • networking

  • social occasions

  • give a speech at a family event, wedding, birthday, funeral

  • better relationships

  • capture the audience attention

  • inspire desire, motivate for positive change and lift their spirits

 Facilitator Training - Transforming DNA Memories

Learning how to educate others in the art of facilitating change in another person’s life is a rewarding and noble career path.

This training is available on application.

Transforming DNA Memories is currently available in the following languages: English, Danish, German, Spanish, Russian. We are presently open for people to become Facilitator/Teachers of Transforming DNA Memories.

Transforming DNA Memories Facilitator training is endorsed by the IKC - International Kinesiology College - approved.

The pre-requirements to becoming a Transforming DNA Memories Facilitator are designed to be achievable.

  1. Attend and fully participate in Transforming DNA Memories twice.

  2. Gain certificates in Touch For Health, 1 to 4 or equivalent. (Non Kinesiology Trainers TFH 1 only required.)

  3. Attend the four day training & fully participate Transforming DNA Memories Facilitator Training with International Trainer, Sylvia Marina

Sylvia Marina suggests all Facilitator Training participants have an enrolled class of 6-10 (even numbers) students ready to teach one week after training.

Course Content

  • Effective facilitation strategies

  • Introductions and group integration

  • The role and skills of facilitating a group

  • Effective presentation skills including the art of listening

  • History and how to of muscle monitoring

  • Introduction and understanding of Keys to Clearing

  • Introduction of Brainwave patterns & dream cycles

  • Understanding the basics of Genealogy

  • Presenting and guiding a class session

  • Additional Techniques – tapping, essence, affirmations, advantages

  • Experience and present relaxations and meditations

  • Student assessment

  • 100% participation for certification

Become a member of team “Sylvia” presenting and teaching Transforming DNA Memories, making a difference in the lives of people – all around the world.

Express your Interest here. *
Express your Interest here.

Women’s Journey within

Presented by 
Sylvia Marina & Cushla Lovejoy

How would your life be different 
if there was a place for you … a place to express your 
inner goddess?

Healing tools to rise above your limitations and step forward into the power of your feminine self.

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  • 5 day Retreat Where We Workshop With A Difference

  • Connect to your sensitive sensuous creative self

  • Be ready to receive the gifts of the Goddess within

  • Let go of constraints and un-supported points of view from getting what you want

  • Learn to draw on your courage and power to effect results that you would choose in your life and relationships

  • Experience powerful healing practices that will shift your sense of reality

  • Embrace the powerful woman within – tap into the feminine essence of your body, your heavenly temple

Human Behaviour Specialist Sylvia Marina is an international speaker known as a mentor to healers and practitioners throughout the world. 
Its time to learn how to love yourself and embrace your personal freedom, let go of hereditary and historical blocks, 
re-discover the feminine body’s natural flow and 
embrace the realisation of your dreams.

Cushla Lovejoy a connection life coach, spiritual channel of the Divine Mother’s energy, mentor, author and 
creator of the LoveJoy technique.

She works extensively with clients around the world shifting old and creating new pathways of positive energy.

Together they produce results previously unavailable to their clients and workshop participants.

  • includes meals suitable for vegetarians

  • shared accommodation

  • sound temple experience

  • very different, most empowering

  • Five-day fully inclusive non-luxury retreat 
16-20 March 2020 
at Banksia Springs, Dwellingup, West Australia.

 Breaking the Grip of Past Loves

Why does a relationship that’s over, still hold us under a spell?

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Why does a relationship that’s over, still influence?

When the feminine energy opens to another, we open to engage, be present and experience...we open to inconceivable vulnerability.

It is our natural design to desire, influence, know presence, power and love. But why do so many of us still hurt? 
Everything we fear becomes reality, and our relationships fall apart.

Regardless of past choices, how much healing you have done, and whether or not you are currently in a relationship, you almost certainly find yourself navigating a host of issues ‘still carrying’ the residual impact of many past loves.

Past loves of:

- the nurturing breast, comforter, family structure

- promises, broken dreams, the marriage bed, first loves

When these are lacking or worse taken from us, we lose our sense of connection, we become emotionally bankrupt with no place to belong.
 We develop behavior patterns based on childhood or ancestral coping skills, find ourselves in fight or flight or using health-draining energy to bully for what we feel is our rightful place.

Learned attitude's become the go-to operandi.

As children we observe the results of our behavior, we adopt “charm” behavior to get our way, or we quickly learn tantrums gets us attention, we fall in love with attracting “attention seeking behavior” and repeat it over and over again until it becomes normal behavior.

Sadly our now “normal behavior” becomes a “thorn in the side” of all future adult relationships.

Break The Grip Of Past Loves

  • self-sabotage, over-dependence, proudness

  • neediness, independence, prude-ness, rightness

includes but not limited to:

  • past loves and lovers

  • a-holic, an over-spender, a hoarder of relationships and stuff

  • an extreme minimalist, a miser, a manipulator

  • collapse or over control when it seems impossible to get-your-own-way

Don’t wait for the right person, career and opportunity to come to you.
Become the better person for your future, now.

I believe that we possibly do not need to be healed - we just need to uncover ourselves – consequently the body contains the ability to heal itself. Sylvia Marina

Cutting Cords - severing connections

Often the emotions you are feeling belong to the person you were in a connection with and an energetic cord is still waiting to be severed.



Cutting the cord can help you separate yourself from unnecessary attachments, and release you from connections that are no longer serving you.

You're not necessarily severing a relationship, although sometimes this has happened already, you are actually severing the chords that are no longer healthy or supporting you.

These binding cords are not beneficial to the other Her/Him/Their connection either, their restriction cord limiting your future progress, future love, future connections.

You have the choice to accept your life script you’ve written thus far or edit it so you can create a life that fulfils you.