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Saturday, July 11, 2009



I heard
an expression today that brought a flood of remembrances.

“An apple never falls far from the tree.”  The conversation was about children but it could have been about any one aspect of our life, our growing up, our workplace, community, parenting – it’s about, influence.

INFLUENCING  We are influenced by people, places, events, situations and our environment!

For some their life environment was perfect in every way, supportive, experiential, kind, guided rather than controlled… our past and present reality provides a foundation on which to sculpt our future.

Your life was molded by the people and situations that influenced you?

I question, is that model right for you now?

As we grow we discard the clothes we once wore, we mature beyond the company we kept  and the social places where we idled the hours.  We outgrew our silly jokes and patterns of behavior and we became more.

Our behavior influences the lives of other people whether in the home, the workplace, socially….  There are times when our influence is direct and other times - like the sound of our voice, it extends to places far beyond.

I have a question for you…Is the child that you were happy with the person you’ve become, or is there more to change, to erase, to learn, to know and grow? Is the older wiser you yearning to tap into more wisdom!

If there are some life changes to make…changing behavior entails a certain risk.
You may discover a part of your emotional wardrobe that you will never fit into again!

This can be exciting, scary or both.

You will know when it is time to totally begin living your truth, it is then that you begin to experience true joy which is a complete and fulfilling richness in your life – from there, your life like the roots, trunk, branches and leaves of a tree extend and totally influence more than the environment in which it’s planted.

Start your journey of change … for direction, come to our next Self Mastery Retreat.

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Monday, June 29, 2009



You were born with it, ….for many somewhere along the line it was taken from you.

Most of our readers can see, hear, smell, touch and taste…but society has stripped them of their most important sense – their intuition.

When you connect to your intuitive senses you will begin to experience a deep knowing, a peace like you have never known before. Your creative energies will start to flow again and you will recognize that energy as bringing harmony to every area of your life, your health, your relationships, your career, business life and more.

Our ‘Mastery’ work involves giving you the skills to further activate your Emotional and Spiritual intelligences.

You were born with an incredible knowing, you knew that to survive you needed to ensure your basic needs were taken care of … you yearned, cried, perhaps almost screeched to ensure nourishment was forth coming.

 As time went by many were disciplined into submission – to only speak when spoken to and to accept what you were told – to accept without question.
For many, inside there was a yearning to ask question, to know more. Often you discovered your own answers, sometimes trusting your knowing other times listening to the inner voice of doubt.

We invite you  to come and learn how to tap into your inner knowing, to believe and trust your inner knowing, your intuition. When this happens your physical, emotional and ancestral healing and life changes will be significant.  Released from the negative programs of the past you are free to have the life, love and harmony that you know can be yours.

Fully connect to your intuition and your life will change.

INTUITION: The ability to know something, without knowing HOW
you know it.

Reclaim your intuitive senses now.

Copyright: Sylvia Marina 2009
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Saturday, May 02, 2009




Recently I was introduced by one of our Mastery Graduates as her SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH. I blinked and recalled the life changing work that she had been through at our New Zealand Mastery Retreat and the many emails we have exchanged over the years before she attended the retreat.


In her words, she had seen many people claiming they were healers and was initially confused and then impressed when on several occasions she would challenge me – “so you are a healer” my answer is always I can only heal my own body.  No person can physically heal another.


She always felt that I had healing powers!

Consider a medical doctor attending a client with a broken limb, the doctor aligns the damaged limb to the best of medical ability, adds support and protection to the limb but it is the body that goes to work healing the injury.


What I do is connect you to your own Emotional and Spiritual Intelligences and in the Mastery program I put you in touch with your Divine Soul, Life Purpose, Angels, Healing Guides, Higher Self and Divine Gifts within.  Your innate intelligences begins the healing in your life and any issues blocking you from achieving your own connection to your wellness memory – with your willing endeavor your DNA life force helps you open the path to the deep centre; the deep centre of your remembering, cell to cell remembering connects you deeply to your soul remembering.


This Mastery work is particularly important for any person who feels something is missing or that they are stuck. You will learn how to connect or re-connect to your Divine Essence. It is possible to begin manifesting your dreams with effective simple processes which are all part of the greater energy dimension.


Aware business people greatly benefit as they learn how to can grow their business easily and effortlessly by marrying spiritual and practical business skills together. Many of our corporate clients are amazed how quickly they can find the right staff, new markets to work in and attract more business.


Learn how to heal your body, relieve stress, get back on track, connect to your soul and you will feel at peace, grounded and deeply connected to your own spiritual essence of who you truly are.

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SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH when booking please state it is for a Spiritual Life Coach session to ensure sufficient time is allocated.


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The Journey

Monday, April 06, 2009



Have you been on a journey with someone when all they did was sleep? They were totally oblivious to the scenery and changing landscapes.

Perhaps never having the opportunity to pass that way again, they missed the passing moments that stimulate memory, bringing new lessons, or at the very least those that become part of our growing library of knowledge and experience.

In a similar way, people miss career opportunities.

Yesterday, a man at my office emotionally lamented that he couldn’t get ‘the good jobs’. He was applying for work in ways that won him work ten years ago – but not now!

Life had changed in his industry. However, he had been unaware of the need to up-skill, and up-date, to watch the changing patterns and do more. His personal behavior and his professional presentations of the past were not current.

When we worked together on this issue, he recognized an ancestral pattern of pride and an unwillingness to ‘budge’ (his words). Self-stubbornness and limitations cradled him in a ‘capsule of despair’.

Not anymore! By going through a major ‘breakthrough session’, he made decisions and changes that will positively affect every aspect of his life – his career, his relationships, his health, and his future.

For more than twenty years, I have been working with cancer patients, people experiencing executive stress, anxiety and grief, and people with the feeling that they just have the potential to do better. I’ve worked with people who want to be the Master of their own destiny, people who desire to know the joy of being all they have the capacity to be, and then some.

Whilst working with hundreds of people in private consultations*, in my Workshops and my Retreats I discovered the pathway of quickly and easily accessing the Theta and Delta brainwave frequencies and I teach this in our Mastery Programs.

Fraught with frustration people know they can be free - free from illness, free from limitation, free from failure, free from….

Are you delaying your success?
In order to change limitations we need to first assess what the limitation is, then access the ‘source’, or where those patterns and beliefs are locked into our behaviors.

Using the easy-to-learn Mastery Techniques, you will find the key to change, to begin your healing and begin your new life.

In designing the Mastery Program, I wanted it to be easy for everyone to learn. I wanted people who learn it to be able to go home and teach their children.  I am amazed at how effortlessly people of all ages and from all walks of life and levels of education can access their knowledge and turn their dreams into reality.

Using our Mastery Program, you will access infinite wisdom, a wisdom that
reveals emotional patterns, including imbedded ancestral patterns stored in your unconscious cellular memory, resolve and completely clear those old issues so that you are free to begin the process of healing and changing inappropriate and ineffective patterns of behavior and you will set yourself free.

·         Sylvia conducts private sessions in person or by phone.

·         Begin a life of positive change. Eroll in one of the Behavioral Change Mastery programs www.sylviamarina.com/mastery

To host a program in your country or community – contact us bookings@sylviamarina.com

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Theta and Delta

Sunday, March 01, 2009



Just as your heart beats many times a minute, your brain emits a certain number of vibrations, or brainwave cycles per second. The four most often acknowledged brain-rhythm patterns are called Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

The Beta level is the level in which you live, eat and work most of the time. In Beta, the mind focuses on things on the physical dimension, the physical senses: time, space, intellect, belief, reason. Beta is where you also experience stress, tension, depression, self-doubts, emotional outbursts. It's where you experience negative thinking. Beta is left brain driven.

The Alpha level is the level in which the mind is focused on inner levels of power and awareness. Alpha is the source of inspiration, intuition and creativity. The mind is free from the worries and frustrations of the physical world. The average person operates in this level only in rare fleeting moments of strong emotion or deep thought.

The next level is Theta. For most, people relate to the Theta as the sleep level.

It is in this brain pattern vibration that we teach people to learn conscious disconnection of the body and the mind, so there's little awareness of physical sensations. In Theta meditation you can access your "beyond everyday thinking" mind to envision the future and discover extraordinary inspiration and empowerment.

Through learning how to use and implement the Theta brainwave pattern we learn how to simply and easily turn dreams into reality, achieve our goals and become the person we have the capacity/potential to be - each time we achieve we take ourselves to greater dimensions.

The more tension between the logical and creative sides of the brain,
the more we have feelings of separation, anxiety and fear.

Such thought patterns result in dysfunctional behaviors.

The slowest incredibly important level of brain pattern energy is the Delta level. This is the level of the deep unconscious. It's the area of very deep sleep; an area of total physical rest and regeneration. In her Mastery program www.sylviamarina.com/mastery Sylvia Marina teaches you how to consciously enter the delta brainwave pattern to change dysfunctional energies and beliefs, it is in the delta cellular memory that you begin your to heal your life.

Experience break-through and change ineffective life patterns for-ever.

This is where you begin your intense healing, at the unconscious cellular level.

When the two sides of the brain learn to function as one then our experience of reality is different

Modern research shows that frequent meditation creates balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. The most powerful ability you can develop is that of deliberately changing your brain level functions, and when you develop that skill you can change any negative programming buried in your unconscious. Through Mastery In Theta International programs you can experience the amazing phenomena of quickly and easily accessing Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta thus enabling both sides of your brain to function in harmony.

The benefits are far reaching – bring harmony to the brain and body, your career, your relationships and your life. Learn the secrets to abundance and prosperity, improve your health, enhance your relationships and reconnect with your spirit. Discover passion, unconditional love and deep inspiration. In Delta, make the most significant changes in your whole-life including ancestral healing, anger, cancers, habits and addictions.

The principal processes can be applied to all aspects of business, personal management and in healing the physical body.

In Delta simply and easily reduce stress and tension. Make positive change, permanent. 

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Face Language and Relationships

Friday, February 06, 2009


 written by Sylvia Marina

Physiognomy is the interpretation of character and fate from the study of a person's face. It reveals how a person thinks, how a person is most effective and happy in the work environment, his or her spending habits, his or her leadership style, what a person is looking for in a relationship, how a person will reciprocate in a relationship, and much, much more.

Physiognomy reveals our talents and gifts, as well as our potential challenges in life.

Your character is the mirror of your face. You may have noticed that people who look alike tend to behave the same. You may have also noticed that small babies with curved forehead for creativity, big cheeks for energy, wide eyes for sensitivity...etc. act the same way, that is because they process information in the same way. The young child with a narrow face acts differently.

Regarding practical benefits, Face Reading allows you to better understand people around you, because the better you know a person (the origin of his/her feelings and reactions) the more you can put yourself into his/her mind. This is called empathy, what turned out to be one of the keys to success not only in business but in all relationships.

Better understanding people through Face Reading, creates synergies among work relationships, contributing to more effective team building. Working with people who know each other raises productivity. Co-workers see each other in a more natural way. This also creates harmony at the workplace, limits potential conflict, avoids disputes and makes for more, happy individuals.

On the other hand, knowing people better makes you see the best in them, gives you an understanding of their reactions, for example helping in critical situations to relax tension. Also you can profit from seeing the best of a person in terms of taking advantage of his/her best skills.

At love and at war making alliances starts with the recognition of the possibilities of each one. By better understanding people you can set more reliable alliances at any situation.

Face Reading includes better/improved communication, personal empowerment, self-confidence, and with this knowledge peoples understanding of people including the self and their self-esteem grows simply because they have a deeper understanding of humanity. You learn to appreciate the talents that show in your face, viewing changes to your face over time as part of your personal evolution. Sales people love face reading. During our training course you will learn how to approach people www.sylviamarina.com/face and create instant rapport.

Another important clue for Face Reading is the fact that better understanding people helps to erase stereotypes from our minds. Stereotyping does set us up to expect certain features to go with particular groups. But face reading is the opposite of stereotyping. Face reading is an opportunity to stop thinking in stereotypes, to go beyond them, and start seeing individuals. When you do this, you reduce racial expectation and tension.

Understanding and learning the art of Face Reading gives you a better appreciation for each individual person. Helps you to understand the child that acts differently to all your other children or the person you employed whose CV covered all the skills, abilities and technical know-how that you were seeking, but is not a ‘team player’ or indeed feels that team meetings are unproductive, fails to have their report finalised and refuses to verbally contribute.

With an understanding of Faces you learn how to read the clues that produce this behaviour.

You could learn to be more patient and become less disappointed with people’s behavior or you could read the potential behavior and develop your skills to discover and promote peoples' finer qualities.

You will learn to see.

Gaining knowledge of faces and what each feature means is like if you had needed glasses but you never realised until you go and get a pair specially fitted for you.

An understanding of faces and traits gives you the skills to see more.

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Faces in The Workplace

Monday, January 12, 2009



or 'Face Reading' is a tool that assists us to better understand ourselves and to be more conscious of our communication and interactions with others.

At the end of the eighteenth century, Swiss pastor Johan Caspar Lavater(1741-1801) wrote “Essays on Physiognomy for the promotion of the knowledge and the love of mankind”. Originally in German language this was translated into English by Thomas Holcroft at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Lavater was regarded as the founder of the modern Physiognomy for his tremendous work in this subject. These essays became a vade mecum “to be consulted when hiring staff, making friends and establishing business relations”.

Making a decision to employ or be employed, adopt, partner or marry, has always been a huge undertaking.

The belief that there are facial guides to moral disposition and their application to the workplace, persist today. 'Reading Faces', a 1997 social psychology treatise by Leslie Zebrowitz, endorses Lavater’s analysis in its opening pages, and continues by recounting an exercise in workplace physiognomy with remarkable pertinence to Camille Paglia’s characterization of Monica Lewinsky.

If Face Reading is an important issue for employers, it is even more important for workers. To better know your boss from the very beginning will help you to give a better impression on the first meeting with him/her. This is even more important if both are opposite at key characteristics such as race, sex, politics, etc... On the other hand, to have by the same way a good relationship with your work mates will help you to raise your career by profiting from creating alliances, developing synergies, etc...

What about the customers? If you have a work related with sales, you soon learn that different customers need different tactics. Imagine that you could know a lot about a customer from the very first moment you see him/her. This would be a great advantage.

Face Reading helps you to understand your customers: who they are, how they think, where they come from, how to address them, what they like or dislike, how they behave in a certain situation. This will lead you to better communicate with them, to better know what they need what they want and how they want it (for example what to do or not do in a certain situation), what will be more suitable for them, etc... This will lead you to the top in your career.

Face Reading will help to increase your self-esteem by learning to recognize and appreciate your features; and importantly the qualities of the people in your working environment.

You may feel you cannot change your DNA but you can learn to appreciate your qualities, and the features of those in your workplace and take advantage of them.

When you understand the truth of who you and your abilities truly are, your confidence increases.

Stop hesitating, get on with your career and your purpose for life.  www.sylviamarina.com/face 

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Stop Self Sabotage

Monday, January 05, 2009



Today the power we have as human beings to think freely, invent and create has never been greater.

In so doing, many have left the skill of trusting their innate wisdom and power to ancient history.

We yearn for harmony and interconnectedness but have deserted our truth, our voice, our kindness and gentle powers.

We walk into boardrooms desiring to make change but leave our vital creative energies and courage, locked in an inner chamber.

I have committed my working life to the discovery of what depletes the human spirit and further – I give you the tools to create and live the life you desire.

My quest is to revisit, understand and share basic principles of our inner resources and power and give you the skills and foundations to share these across the generations.

Our formal education framework provides us with academic and work dexterity. If this indoctrination were totally successful there would be less stress and we would be totally satisfied with our ability to trade skill value for societal living.

There is more to the living and work life balance than what we have at present.

My passion and purpose is to promote ingenuity.

By discovering your unique inner self, you become a fuller and more integrated expression of who you truly are and why you think, feel, and behave as you do.

In leadership these skills are vital for growth and development of the whole; ensuring harmony in and between the major areas of life – spiritual, mental, physical, family & relationships, social, financial and career.

“You will learn new concepts and powerful ideas that will make a difference in your life immediately.”

Find answers to the two most important questions you need to ask yourself in life:

“Who am I?” and “What is my true Purpose?”

Is it time you…Evolved Your Future – it is not enough to learn...one must become.


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